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Your personal therapist

Northdeer V2 helps you…

Mobilizing muscle fascia

    Vibration reduces the thickness of your muscle fascia. Muscle tissue can slide better over one or another. What that translate to you is that your body is more warmed up, giving you more range of motion.

    Boosting lymphatic system

      Rhythmic pressure helps to increase the circulation of lymphatic fluids. Therefore, your body will enhance the drainage of edema and dissolve lactic acid quicker. In long term, it helps you to build a stronger immune system.

      Releasing muscle tension

        With the combination of vibration and pressure, it stimulates Golgi tendon organ, inhibits and relaxes muscle and elongates fiber tissue, resulting a better recovery and growth for muscles.

        Smoothing nerve system

          When we get injuries, it weakens the connection between muscle and nerve, causing poor utilization of muscle, make your body less reactive. Northdeer V2 can increase the sensory input to the brain and rebuild the connection so that all areas of your body can communicate better.

          With Northdeer do-it-yourself massage gun, you will be able to get yourself ready for work, study, exercise or any other challenge you will be facing.

          Product details

          Rugged design

          Northdeer V2 is the only percussion massage gun that comes with aluminum shell. The main body of V2 is built with aerospace grade aluminum. Be at ease when use it outdoors. Take it with you for any type of fun events like hiking or camping.

          Long lasting battery

          Northdeer V2 comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that give up to 4 hours of use. That’s definitely more than enough time to give yourself a nice massage. So maybe share it with your friends is also a good idea!

          Quiet and pwerful

          Northdeer V2 has 4 different speed settings, up to 3200 rpm, gives all areas of your body a customized massage experience for maximum results in minimum time.

          On the maximum setting, V2 is only rated at 60 db. No matter where you are, offices, schools, hospitals, enjoy using this device without bothering anyone else.

          Massage ON-THE-GO

          The main body of Northdeer V2 only weighs about 2.5 pounds. Makes it one of the lightest massage guns in the market. Comes standard with a hand-carry case for easy traveling. It has also been TSA approved to be carried on airplanes.

          No matter where you go, with Northdeer,