Northdeer 2.0 Upgraded Adjustable Steel Dumbbells, 40lbs Free Weight Set with Connector, 2 in 1 Dumbbell Barbell Set (New)

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  • GREAT QUALITY: The frosted surface gives the dumbbells a premium, textured look and better protection against scratches. The elastic, foam-covered handles provide a good grip and protect your hands during workouts. The steel handles can tolerate up to 200lbs, giving the dumbbells enough room to add extra weights.
  • ULTRACOMPACT SIZE: Our dumbbells are made of high-quality steel, compact in size, and easy to hold. A compact size means that the sets are not too bulky, and you can move your wrist with a full range of motion when using them. We believe it's reassuring for beginners and comfortable enough for advanced lifters.
  • FOR SAFE TRAINING: Our weights with screws are precisely cut from solid steel without any welding. This safe design can help you focus on the exercise all the time because you don't have to worry about the screws that hold the plates in place loosening and plates wobbling during exercise.
  • SUITABLE FOR HOME USE: The dumbbells are compact and can stand upright, making them easy to store. Most importantly, they do not give off any odours, which is a benefit for your workout and storage at home. The upgraded silicone rings easily fit over the end caps, protecting the dumbbells and your floor.
  • EASY WEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: The weights are marked on each plate for quick identification. Thanks to the no-nut design, you just unscrew the plates to adjust the weight quickly. The barbell attachment also gives extra diversity in workout options.